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About Reuven Shelef
Reuven Shelef runs OUT OF THE BOX Consulting, a management consulting firm focused on business processes and their alignment with information systems.


In addition to working with enterprises, Reuven also works with individuals, combining sharp logic and process engineering disciplines with a deep understanding of what constructs a human being – using the “Untangling Complex Challenges” methodology he developed.


Reuven is a former captain in the Israeli army and holds distinguished engineering degrees from Tel Aviv and Coventry Universities.


In addition, Reuven is a published photographer and is exploring alternative ways to bring peace to the Middle East.


"Reuven understood my market immediately. He has the gift of lifting the heaviness of confusion and distraction. He can see right away what is important and what isn't."
"He partnered with me to discover where I wanted to go, and kept partnering with me every step of the way. We were cocreating."

Marie Guthrie, CEO, The Legacy Track

"Reuven understands very well the logistical and technical aspects of running a business as well as the emotional and spiritual challenges."

Alicia Dattner, Creative Heart Coaching

"You turned my desires and fears into action. You made me DO things instead of just think about them."

I. H., Activist, Researcher


"Reuven is focused and dedicated, and he is a superlative analyst of complex situations."


Chuck Drew, Vice President Services